About us

Our business is helping you develop your business

We have developed a unique approach to business and executive development

blufeather provides Corporates, SMEs, professional service organisations, owner operator businesses and ambitious individuals the opportunity to maximise their potential. Based on the concept of marginal gains we offer a set of training and coaching programmes customised to your exact needs.

Our bespoke training programmes will provide the skills you and your team needs to ensure they sell more of your product or service to the most profitable clients that you want to acquire including:

- Creating an end-to-end sales pipeline building process that produces outstanding results

- Increasing the effectiveness of an executive team so that it can fully realise its true potential

Our Coaching programmes are designed to complement and enhance the performance of executives and business leaders

Our ‘goal oriented’ Personal Development programmes can be just what you need to re-ignite your ambition.

Why blufeather?

Unlike other ‘off-the-shelf’ training and coaching offerings, blufeather programmes are designed around your products/services, your revenue targets, your margins, your long-term business objectives and your life goals and ambitions.

Blufeather’s coaches and trainers have many years of real world experience and a proven history of ‘walking the walk’ not just ‘talking the talk’.

The result is a Win – Win –Win

You win, because you get more from your business, your clients and your life

Your execs win because they achieve targets and KPIs more easily and therefore are less stressed and more motivated

Your clients win, because they are more closely matched with a supplier who best meets their own values, ambitions, and commercial requirements – the basis on a long-term relationship .

blufeather is part of the TTA group of companies. Established in 1991 we have over 20 years experience of working with clients from all industries and sectors including:

Swyx, WCBS, eDRive, PointOne, Portal Data Centres, Priava, Ventrica Contact Centres, Matters Magazines, Cisco, Digi International, Faber Maunsell, GCC (Printers), Mitsubishi, Motorola, RAD Group, Rhetorex, Rockwell, Sure Foundation, Tadiran, Texas Instruments and many others.

We have solutions that are designed to meet any size of company and budget, including start-ups, owner operated businesses, SMEs, and corporates.