Pipeline & Business Development

Improve each stage of your sales process by just 5% and create the potential to realise a 40% gain in revenue

We help you win more business, from more clients, without increasing operational costs!

Our proven programme helps our clients increase their sales and secure profitable new business pipelines.

It does this by improving every aspect of the sales cycle from initial prospecting, through to appointment setting, sales meeting & presentations, closing and account building.

We integrate sales & marketing into a single congruent business development process. The result is a measurable increase in sales revenue without any significant increase in costs.

Our clients include: SMEs, international and national corporates and independent business operators.


Our trademarked sales & market development programme will deliver the following:

  • An initial discovery session which takes a fresh look at your business objectives, strengths, opportunities and threats
  • A stragegic business development plan driven by the results of the discovery session
  • A congruent end-to-end sales process that will maximise sales effort and activity from prospecting through to close and beyond
  • A customised prospecting plan that matches your business proposition to your customer needs in each target sector. Essential for immediate and future pipeline development
  • The key selection criteria and value propositions for target clients
  • A customised and congruent sales & marketing plan
  • Training and coaching workshops for developing individuals in the skills and behaviours of winning business, including: cold-calling, rapport building, sales progression, closing and account building
  • Coaching support and a helping hand with pitches, tenders, proposals and presentations

The result is a pipeline building strategy that once implemented will produce enhanced sales results for years to come

Client testimonial

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“Steve has worked within our organisation for over five years as both a mentor, coach and business consultant. During this time Steve has helped us restructure our business model which enabled us to refocus our business development efforts on new more profitable sectors, which more closely matched the company’s product and service offering.”

Steven Rolfe - Managing Director - pointone EPoS

“I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. He has provided consultancy and advice on how to structure our sales process that has been paramount in Swyx achieving its business targets.”

Ralf Ebbinghaus - CEO - Swyx AG