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The blufeather  NLP coaching method

Sales executives are an expensive resource. The cost of recruitment can be over £10,000, add in the cost of their overheads, company cars, laptops, mobile phones, plus the 3-6 months it often takes before a sales executive is fully up to speed and the cost can be as high as £50,000 before they make a difference to the revenue statement. This is a serious investment for any company.

However in many cases when a sales professional is consistently not making target organisations are faced with just two options offer some additional training and hope that their performance improves (generally is doesn’t and more money is wasted) or terminate the employment and start the whole process again, by which time another £20,000 to £30,000 has been invested without any measurable results. And of course this does not include the opportunity cost of the sales ‘lost’ during this period. If the target is £30,000 per month then this can add up to a considerable amount of money.

There is now a third option.  For a fraction of the cost of investing in a new sales executive our programme is proven to improve the effectiveness of your sales executives and increase their overall sales performance by at least 30% and often much, much more!

The blufeather method is a completely different approach to sales coaching. It uses a powerful set of *NLP techniques that empowers the executive to make their own improvements to every aspect of their sales activity. It starts with the sales executive identifying where they could improve, the barriers that are stopping them from making these improvement and reason behind the reasons why overcoming these barriers are a problem. Once this discovery session is complete a programme with specific interventions that address these issues along with agreed with outcome, performance and process goals is designed. 

Making good sales executives into superstars!

The programme is designed for sales executives of all abilities and experience.  Top sales execs welcome the programme as they see it a way to improve their own performance and make more money more effectively. It is akin to a top golfing professional working with a coach to work on small imperfections that added together make a big difference to their overall performance. 

Typical client:

Our clients include; SMEs, international and national corporates and independent business operators.

*NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is now an accepted set of tools, techniques and interventions that change the way people think about themselves, communicate with other people and overcome limiting beliefs which stop them achieving their full potential. In essence it enables people to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want. In a business environment it can assist executives with issues such as cold calling, presenting, rapport building, developing client relationships, team management, motivation, listening, value building, overcoming objections, negotiating and much more.

The blufeather  programme:

Each coaching programme starts with a discovery session for 90 minutes where we work with the sales executive to identify which areas they believe are stopping them from achieving their full potential.  After this session the coach and the sales executive agree the goals and content for each session.

The sessions comprise the following topics:

  • Goal setting
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about themselves and the sales process
  • Role play on the sales meeting
  • Shadowing a sales call – feedback and reflection
  • How profiling can produce more lucrative prospects
  • How to approach cold calling and appointment setting to achieve the highest return on calls
  • How to build value propositions that sell
  • How to conduct effective presentations
  • How to build rapport (on the telephone, and at a meeting)
  • How to recognise personality types and match propositions with prospects’ values
  • How to listen, question, and elicit genuine needs in a sales meeting
  • How to close without objections
  • How to handle objections (when they occur)
  • How to build long-term client relationships